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Are you master of your domain? well, that doesn’t matter if you are good with one language. Your left brain makes you work for learning new language, so have you decided to travel to Spain or Italy and want to speak with locals in their language? It is a good idea to learn basics of their language.

I took Italian at the age of 30 and oh boy, it was hard to practice that language at that age. When you grow up as a kid, your brain is developing and at that age, it grasps the nuts and bolts of languages faster than when you are grown up. It might also be with discipline.

Duolingo is an Android and iOS app which offers simple writing, reading,pronunciation, listening exercises of language that you want to practice. I loved the user interface of this application since it is very easy to use and simple with images and text. From an user perspective, the application has been designed in a game format and that means you can go to next level only if you finish that particular level. Very amazing.

If you are a language nerd, I would totally recommend this particular app if you are looking to practice or have lost touch with a language which you love. I use the app for practicing Italian since I am not good with speaking it, but i can write it, so the app helps me with pronunciation and listening.

Rating – 9 / 10